My Register Experience


Bugeja_WebMichael Bugeja, director of the Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication at Iowa State University, and his colleague, Dennis Chamberlin, assistant professor, return to the digital newsroom of The Des Moines Register to test their veteran skills against the demands of daily journalism.

Bugeja was a reporter, correspondent and bureau manager for United Press International in the 1970s. He is an award-winning writer and teacher and National Endowment for the Arts fellow. His comments about journalism and technology have appeared in The New York Times, Newsweek, The Washington Post, USA Today, The Economist, and many other outlets and networks. He writes regularly for The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Dennis ChamberlinChamberlin won the Pulitzer Prize (1983) as part of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel editorial staff for flood coverage. He also worked as a staff photographer for The Denver Post, 1983-1987; and as a photographer for such publications as National Geographic, New York Times Magazine, Newsweek, Time and others.

You can visit Bugeja’s Web sites at Living Ethics Across Media Platforms or at Interpersonal Divide: The Search for Community in a Technological Age. You can visit Chamberlin’s Web site at


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